Injured Player Payment Policy

Injured Player Policy


When a player is injured and the condition affects the player’s ability to physically

compete or train with the team, the following guidelines are used by the team manager;

and parent of the player to discuss and agree to the extent of the injury and the financial

requirements to continue to pay training, tournament and/or club fees.

1. Temporary injuries (sprained ankles, twists, sickness, etc.) lasting days or
weeks shall not affect the payment of training, tournament or club fees.

2. Temporary to severe injuries (those injuries that can sideline the player for a
minimum of two (2) months) - ;Fees will not continue to accrue for the period of the
injury. Paid fees are not refunded or prorated.

3. Severe or season ending injuries – Paid fees are not refunded. All other future
fees will be suspended.

4. Medical Clearance for temporary to severe injuries – All players are required
to provide written verification from a medical doctor stating they are cleared /
released to resume train and play. The written verification is to be presented to
the coach and submitted to the club.

Players must notify Josie Fedak at within 30 days of the

date of the injury.