Parent Expectations

Wildcats Parent Expectations

As a parent in full support of the NJ Wildcat program, I will let players and coaches take responsibility for the first goal of
winning. I will relentlessly focus on the second, more important, goal of using sports to teach life
lessons to my child and other youth.
I will use positive encouragement to fill the Emotional Tanks of my children, their teammates,
and coaches. I understand that people do their best with full and positive encouragement from their parents.
I will encourage my child to put in a high level of effort to get better, cultivate a teachable spirit to continue to learn to improve, and use a mistake ritual to quickly rebound from mistakes.
I will set an example for my child by Honoring the Game and will encourage him/her to remember
ROOTS—respect for the Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, and Self. If the official
makes a "bad" call against my team, I will Honor the Game and be silent!
5   I will use a self-control routine to avoid losing my composure when things go wrong. I need to be a role model.
6   I will engage in No-Directions Cheering. I will limit my comments during the game to encouraging
my child and other players (from both teams).
7   I will get my child to practice and games on time and will be on time picking my child up after
games and practices.
8   I will refrain from making negative comments about my childs coach in my childs presence.
I understand that this will help to avoid planting negative seeds in my childs head that can
negatively influence my childs motivation and overall experience.
9   I will obey the club rule of no complaints for 48 hours, at all team events. Complaining to others, coaches or in front of children, especially while upset will only do harm.  Club officials and coaches will be happy to address all complaints and conditions, once the 48 hour time has elapsed from the event. Cooler heads always prevail.
10 Zero Tolerance - violation of this pledge will not be tolerated and can be cause for parent suspension from practices and/or games or player removed from the team.