Payments, Due Dates, & Payment Method

updated for 8/1/17

NJ Wildcats Fees:

* ALL payments at NJ Wildcats are done by Credit Card or Debit Card.

** Fees are charged by credit or debit card on the first of each month.

*** When you join Wildcats you will immediatly be charged a $199 non-refundable commitment fee in addition to your monthly fees.  If you leave the program we do not refund any monies.  Once a credit card is charged for the month on the 1st that fee is than non-refundable.

The NJ Wildcats Advisory Board has adopted the following payment schedules below:
U8 to U17 boys player fees:

$169.00 a tournaments included

U8 to U12 girls player fees:
$169.00 a tournaments included
U13 to U18 girls player fees:
$225 a 3 tournaments x $99 per event

At NJ Wildcats all payments are done by credit card.

There is a $25 per pass charge for your US Club Pass & NJ Youth Soccer Pass.

To complete your registration with NJ Wildcats please fill out the form below.

NJWC Payment and Waiver Form - Click Here

Fax to 732-298-7619 or Email to