Payments, Due Dates, & Payment Method

updated for 4/1/17

NJ Wildcats Fees:

* ALL payments at NJ Wildcats are done by Credit Card or Debit Card.

** Fees are charged by credit or debit card on the first of each month.

*** When you join Wildcats you will immediately be charged a $199 non-refundable commitment fee in addition to your monthly fees.  When you commit to Wildcats it is agreed that you are joining from the day you start until July 31st the last day of that soccer year.  The soccer year is August 1st to July 31st in line with US Soccer.  If you leave the program you will be charged for all remaining months within the agreement in one lump sum.

The NJ Wildcats Advisory Board has adopted the following payment schedules below:
U8 to U10 girls player fees:
$169.00 a tournaments included
U11 to U18 player fees:
$199 a $125 per NJ tournament, per league(s), $99 per state cup, out of state tournament pricing will be announced per event

At NJ Wildcats all payments are done by credit card.

To complete your registration with NJ Wildcats please fill out the form below.

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